Space Shooter Update 0.1

Going live with fixes and a few new features to the original game. Space Shooter v.0.1 is active.

This update primarily focuses on fixing bugs as well as balancing some gameplay mechanics. Overall, game experience will be improved and will be more immersive.


- Fixed issue where bullets shot would return towards the player.

- Fixed issue where enemy bullets would slow down after coming into contact with player's bullets.

- Fixed issue where shots could be heard on the main menu.

- Reduced player bullet lifetime (you can no longer destroy enemies at their spawn),


- Added a sound effect when picking up a health package.

New Additions:

- Shooting Upgrade (Automatic and Semi-Automatic blasting canons).

- Added a quit option to the death screen. (Under the revive option).

- Added a health display.

 - Small introduction to the game when 'Play' is pressed on the main menu.

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